Social Media Marketing

If your business is not engaged in at least some form of Social Media interaction, then you are likely missing out on profitable opportunities, no matter what your market is.

social groupsSocial media marketing generates interest in your product, brand or service, in an interactive environment and maintains that interest. Social media campaigns often grow organically as people-power can achieve a vast amount of the work for you. Regular social engagement keeps you in front of your market's eyes, and front of their minds.

Not only are you raising brand awareness, presence and integrity; such campaigns can result in direct sales, and large volumes of leads from sources in target markets that you would have otherwise never reached previously.


A Smart Move

As more and more people are turning to their Smartphones, facebook phone iPads and tablets for web access, the majority of this traffic is for social media applications. At all times of the day, in almost all locations, your business can be seen by millions of people via their mobile devices. This immense increase in mobile web access is why an effective social media campaign, in addition to SEO for your website is imperative for maximum business exposure.


Furthermore, with billions being spent to rollout high-speed 4G mobile networks throughout India from 2013 onwards - Mobile usage, specifically social media access, is forecast to grow exponentially.


Quinton Digital Media Can:

  • Devise a custom social media marketing strategy, aligned with your target market, present knowledge, time and budget constraints.
  • Design and setup custom Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Youtube pages.
  • Add social media buttons to your website so "Likes" and "+" can be attained
  • Generate Facebook Likes and Shares, Twitter Followers and Re-tweets, Youtube views and more.
  • Install an easily managed blog on your website, which is integrated with social media to automatically publish and publicise any new content you generate.
  • SEO your social media pages to rank on the first page of Google
  • Provide social media monitoring and assistance
  • Create and implement email marketing campaigns
  • Write and syndicate press releases to major web, media and local print publications


Give Your Website a Boost

Here in the age of social interaction, Google is applying more significance to social media signals when it comes to determining organic results in their search engine. Promoting your website through social media can highly assist your SEO campaign and natural rankings.


The Power of the List

Do your customers and clients provide you with email addresses for any reason at all? You could be creating a mailing list to keep your past and present clients informed of market news, new products and services. The potential to capitalise on your customers again and again via your email list, is something that many business are overlooking.


Let's Socialise

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