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Quinton Digital Media provide our clients with refreshingly honest information when it comes to the truth about their SEO campaigns. We are specialists in getting your business website to the top of popular search engines such as Google, without using the common, high-risk methods. Whether this is achieved through placement in the natural top 10 listings and maps or via paid advertising, new customers are looking for you and we can make that connection. This is the fundamental outcome of great Search Engine Optimisation.


As India’s most knowledgeable search engine marketing consultancy, we provide a comprehensive array of digital marketing solutions. Our primary specialty is bringing more business to our client’s websites through search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, without paid advertising. Pay per click Advertising is a great option, but it is not for everyone. We want to get your website free traffic, from the organic, unpaid results.



Digital Marketing Experts

Search Engine Optimisation

The complex process of making your website appear higher in the natural (free or unpaid) search engine results.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

Get highly targeted visitors to your website immediately, with Google advertising, commonly referred to as PPC.

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Social Media Marketing

Make your social presence felt with custom Facebook pages, promotional Youtube videos, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

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Website Design & Development

If you don't have the best looking website in your industry, we can ensure that you will. Stunning websites for all markets.

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The Quinton Theory

New Customers and Markets are Waiting

Every day people are searching for businesses like yours, by using very specific phrases to receive the results, which are determined and provided by the search engines. These internet users want what you are selling, and want it now. If you are not on the first page (of what is sometimes thousands of pages) then this business will go to your competitors.

It's Technical and Geeky. But it's Our Thing

Here at India's fastest growing, technically-minded SEO company, we are delivering staggering results on a daily basis. Our senior members spent several years successfully outranking competing websites in the private-contracting web marketing and consulting industry, attaining hundreds of number 1 Google rankings for some of the toughest search phrases on the web.

We Conduct SEO With These Search Engines:

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Making it Crystal Clear and Safe

It's important to note that we don't complicate explanations and use industry jargon to confuse or over-hype our services. We see no value in using technical terms that you do not know the meaning of.


In today's day and age, talk means nothing when it comes to ranking your website. We do SEO and what that entails, is complex. There is no pre-packaged, defined method to get top 10 search results - a "package" cannot be defined in dot points, or hours of work.


All prices and campaigns are custom. While you might see dot-points on the sales pages of websites detailing what these other companies do, you should note that when it comes to SEO, every single website and market is different. Therefore all strategies must be customized and tailored to allow us to rank your website as quickly and as SAFELY as possible, in line with Google's Webmaster Guidelines. Taking shortcuts like some do, or following a Standard Procedure, can result in your website on page 500, not Page 1.

Size Does Matter in SEO

Do you already have an SEO Company and feel like your being treated like a "number"? Is bigger necessarily better when it comes to SEO? Some Web Marketing firms providing SEO Services have literally hundreds of employees and thousands of clients, just like you. They simply cannot delicately handcraft Google rankings and give the dedicated attention that is needed for consistent results. Not with such a high volume of clients to mange. Not like we can:


We have dedicated account and liaison managers, in addition to a dedicated team of professionals who conduct work on your website only, during the relevant period of attention. Our employee-to-customer ratios are much lower so you, and most importantly, your website, gets constant personal attention.

Squeezing Every Dollar

Every business in 2019 should have a website, if not only to display credibility within your market to clients you are already in contact with. However, if this website cannot be found publically in search engines, by those who don't already know who you are, then huge opportunities are being forgone.

In many scenarios, our experience renders us capable of "thinking outside the box" in order to locate areas of internet traffic and turn them into paying customers, where there never was before. This may be acheived through creative keyword identification (finding clever search phrases to target), Social Media Marketing and much more.

Custom Digital Marketing Solutions

Every business type can benefit from Search Engine Optimisation. Whether you are a one-man-show tradesman, small home business, online store, medium sized retailer, national chain or large corporate finance enterprise, we can design a successful online marketing campaign tailored to suit your budget, and get your website towards the top of Google.

At Quinton Digital Media, we pride ourselves on getting to know your business inside and out, to thoroughly understand and realise the full potential of your operation. Our expert market researchers may identify new angles and search phrases that we can directly target, to bring you business, which was always previously going elsewhere.

More Than Just Search Optimisation

Although our chief specialty and focus is on ensuring your website appears on the front page of Google in the top 10 results, Quinton Digital Media is a full-service Digital Media platform, developing and implementing customised solutions in the following areas:

  • Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Social Media Campaigns and custom pages
  • Web Design and Development
  • Capturing Emails and Managing Marketing Lists
  • Advertising videos and generating traffic for same

Ranking Websites is Our Passion

The senior members of Quinton Digital Media, are qualified Computer Scientists and have spent thousands of man-hours testing, analysing data and testing again, in order to thoroughly understand the inner secret workings of Google.

You're most welcome to throw any technical question our way, or seek clarification on information you may have obtained from another technical authority - we've seen and heard it all.

"We're happy to clearly explain any aspect of the Google algorithm to anyone, anytime, at no charge."

SEO In Chandigarh Requires Constant Attention

The Google Geeks are constantly updating their Billion Dollar piece of software, which does often produce varied results when looking at the search engine results page. You may move up and down periodically, as changes are (on average) implemented every single day.

We do not put any clients on "the backburner" as many do, and don't spend anytime waiting to apply changes to your campaign to coincide with such Google changes. Your ranking positions and progress is checked every day of the year, and any procedural adjustments are made accordingly.

Due to these incredibly significant, algorithmic changes in Search Engine Optimisation, you are only as good as today's results and rankings. What you did yesterday does not count for much, when dealing with such a rapidly growing and technologically advanced software system such as Google.

To further understand how we can drive more traffic and in turn, generate more business from your website, please send us an email or call 1300 796 122 today.

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The Quinton process

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  • Consultation and Research

    First, we learn the inner workings of your bussiness and identify exactly what your marketing goals are so we can design your custom search marketing campaign.

  • Campaign Implementation

    This is where we commence the technical process. Some minor changes to your website may be completed, and the recurring off-page processes commence.

  • Analytics and Measuring ROI

    After a short period of time, by using our custom results tracking software and analytics, you can measure positive improvements and calculate a positive return on your search marketing investment.

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